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Blumen Int. Private Fund IX (Matures 12/13)*

Blumen Int. Private Fund X (Matures 12/14)*

Blumen Int. Private Fund XI (Matures 12/15)*

Blumen Int. Private Fund XII (Matures 12/16)*

Blumen Int. Individual Source Investment Fund 04A-2013*

Australian Gold Index (AGI)

Vanguard Inflation Indexed Fund (VIPSX)Seabridge (SA)

Silver Standard (SSRI)

EverBank Commodity Index (Matures 6/10)

EverBank Commodity Jap. Real Estate

iShares S&P Index Exchange Traded Fund (IW)

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)(Matures 2/14) Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin graded MS65 (Buy ends 3/13)

* Blumen Int. best private investments for our clients.

This portfolio is not intended to be investment advice nor does it represent the value which you could get in or out of a investment, rather, it represents the value of our insights at the time our material is published. Please note that investment involves risk, and that past performance does not guarantee future results.

Past General Recommendations:

AmeriGas Partners APU 5/23/13 $28.72 $28.69 Propane Distributor 34% 9%
McDonald’s MCD 11/29/12 $41.40 $55.42 High-Growth Dividend 43% 3%
Dividend Capital Realty^^ DCTRT 1/16/07 $10.00 $10.00 Warehouse Real Estate 12% 6%
Keyera Facilities Income Trust^ KEY-UN.TO 6/18/13 $20.05 $15.61 Alberta Gas Services -14% 11%
Kinder Morgan KMP 10/16/11 $47.12 $46.43 Natural Gas Pipeline 3% 9% Enterprise Products Partners EPD 5/26/13 $22.01 $21.81 Natural Gas Pipeline 4% 10%
Wal-Mart WMT 3/09/11 $47.42 $50.44 Dividend Grower 11% 2%
Nicholas Appleby C&I Fund*** NCV 1/15/13 $5.22 $3.89
Westshore Teminals^ WTE-UN.TO 2/18/13 $9.06 $8.60 Coal Toll Bridge Annaly Capital Mgmt NLY 2/24/13 $14.14 $14.69 Virtual Bank 4% 19% Peyto Energy Trust^ PEY-UN.TO 3/19/13 NEW $6.97 Low-Cost Natural Gas NEW 21%


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